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damaged carSearching for damaged and salvage cars for sale? This site was created to make buying through the internet easier.

Until relatively recently, the only way to find salvage cards was to go trawling through scrap yards. Whilst that avenue is still an option, it’s often easier and faster for buyers and sellers to look to the internet. Ebay is a particularly good place to start.

We’ve got buying advice that should help you find legally sound salvage cars for sale.

You’ll also find eBay listings that have been filtered to save time.

Not to mention information on damaged categories.

Why Search for Salvage Cars for Sale?

Buying a damaged car might seem like crazy behaviour to some. To others it makes perfect sense. There are all sorts of reasons why this route is the way forward.

Maybe you love the challenge of turning a damaged car into a king of the road.

Perhaps you’re a dab hand at repairing cars and selling them for profit.

Or you could simply be looking salvage cars for sale because you need a cheap vehicle.

For some people, this route represents a unique opportunity. It can be a way of acquiring a specialist model that would normally be financially out of reach.

Easy To Use Auction Listings

All the salvage cars for sale on this site are featured on eBay. However, we’ve made searching for autos through the famous auction site much faster and simpler.

Clicking through endless listings on eBay can sometimes seem like driving up a mountain in a Reliant Robin.

We’ve cut out the time consuming bits by:

Check out the auctions section and you’ll find listings for around 40 different makes, including:

That’s just a small selection of what’s on offer.

This isn’t just an auction site. We’ve included general advice on information about buying damaged and salvage cars. Check out the top of the site and you’ll see links for the different sections.

Before you even think about buying a damaged car you must do your homework! Unless you’re a qualified mechanic or know one, steer clear. Some cars need tons of work. There are good reasons why there are strict UK laws regarding roadworthiness. Knowledge is power in this particular situation.

Get up to speed on the legal side of things buy visiting some of the sites listed on our resources page. You’ll stand a much better chance of snapping up a bargain.


The information contained in this site is provided for informational purposes only, and should not be construed as legal advice on any subject matter.